Apex - Soft Foam Ear Plugs - 33 Decibels

Apex - Soft Foam Ear Plugs

33 Decibels

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Apex - Soft Foam Ear Plugs - 33 Decibels


Follow carefully for safe, effective and comfortable use.

  1. Roll and compress into smallest diameter possible.
  2. Insert tapered end quickly into ear canal and hold until fully expanded.
  3. For easier insertion, reach behind head and pull top of ear.


  • Scuba or other divers should not use.
  • Not recommended for loud firearms.
    In case of airplane use, remove prior to descent.
  • Use by children should be closely supervised by
    adults, keep plugs away from infants.

Information required by the EPA: The level of noise entering a person's ear, when a hear protector is wom as directed is closely approximated by the difference between the A-weighted environmental noise level and the NRR.


For noise environments dominated by frequencies below 500 Hz the C-weighted environmental noise level should be used. Improper fit of this device will reduce its effectiveness in attenuating noise. Although hearing protectors can be recommended for protection against the harmful effects of impulsive noise, the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is based on the attenuation of continuous noise and may not be an accurate indicator of the protection attainable against impulsive noise such as gunfire.

Noise reduction rating - 33 decibels when used as directed the range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately o to 30 (higher numbers denote greater effectiveness)

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