Apex - Air Pocket Ear Plugs - Pink - 27 Decibels

Apex - Air Pocket Ear Plugs - Pink

  • Provides maximum comfort while sleeping or swimming
  • Helps prevent water from entering ear
  • Hygienic, reusable plugs fit all ears

27 Decibels

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Apex - Air Pocket Ear Plugs - Pink - 27 Decibels

Highly recommended for swimming, showering, surfing and all water sports. Also ideal ear protection from loud music, snoring and work noise.


Follow carefully for safe, effective and comfortable use.

  1. For easy insertion, reach behind head and pull
    up and outward on ear.
  2. Insert plug into ear canal and use a slight twisting motion until plug feels secure.
  3. After each use, clean with soap and water. Wipe dry and store in handy case provided.


  • Scuba or other divers should not use.
  • Not recommended for loud firearms.
  • In case of airplane use, remove prior to descent.
  • Use by children should be closely supervised by adults. Keep plugs and case away from infants.

Noise reduction rating: 27 decibels
When used as directed

The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30. (higher numbers denote greater effectiveness)

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