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While visiting a chemist's shop, you may have witnessed another person buying medicines without a proper prescription. Perhaps you have done the same yourself. Basically, these are over-the-counter medications that are accessible without a prescription. 

There are numerous OTC medicines for curing pains, aches, and other specific health issues. The products are also useful in treating allergy-related conditions. If you are suffering from acid reflux or acne that won't go away, specific OTC products will work wonders by curing both!

Look at some of the best OTC products for specific health issues, ranging from acid reflux to constipation to acne!


Best OTC Products for Treating Acid Reflux


Acid reflux is a common condition faced around the globe. Did you ever feel heartburn after having a slice of pizza or other spicy food? This is exactly the symptom of acid reflux, where the contents of your stomach flow back to the oesophagus, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation in the heart! 

Luckily, there are different types of medicines available to treat this condition, most of which are OTC products. These medications work effectively and cure the symptoms of acid reflux to a considerable extent! 


Here are some OTC products for quick recovery from acid reflux. 



Antacids will help cure the varying symptoms of acid reflux by working as a fantastic acid neutralizer. Different types of antacids perform their way to treat heartburn. 

 Some basic and readily available antacids are Tums and Rolaids, which are OTC medications. If you are feeling heartburn and ask for medicines for the same, these will be the primary options available. 

 If celebrations are coming over, where spicy and oily foods are a must, take an antacid beforehand as a precaution against heartburn! 


H2 Blockers:  

This range of medications provides relief against signs of acid reflux effectively too! It acts on the condition by lowering the acid formation in your stomach, alleviating acid reflux issues.  

The common H2 Blockers you will find as OTCs are Famotidine and Cimetidine. These are easily accessible at any chemist store and are budget-friendly too! Besides, there are other options in H2 Blockers, but you will need a prescription to purchase those. 


Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI): 

If the symptoms persist even after taking H2 Blockers or antacids, PPIs will be your last option in OTC products. These tablets will help in reducing your heartburn and GERD too!

Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, and Esomeprazole are some common PPIs. You will easily find them as OTCs, as these are the basic options in PPIs. 


OTC Products to Get Relieved of Constipation 

Constipation can differ from one person to another. But typically, if you have fewer than three bowel movements in a week, it's a sign that you suffer from constipation. Besides, there are several reasons underlying this health condition. 

Are you suffering from mild constipation? OTC products may prove highly useful in this case before this condition becomes more severe. Grab these OTC products to bring back your bowel movements to a regular pattern. 


Bulk-forming Laxatives:  

If you are seeking some safe options, these are the perfect options in OTCs for the long term. It works gradually towards making the stools normal. It can come in various forms, and some products in this category are Metamucil, Citrucel, FiberCon, and Konsyl. 


Osmotic Laxatives:  

These laxatives are fast-acting and work effectively by keeping water in the intestines to soften the stool. The most common OTCs in this range that you can buy are Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Citroma, MiraLAX, Fleet Saline Enema, and others! 


Stimulant Laxatives: 

You will also find these laxatives in different forms, and they usually take around 6-10 hours to function! Dulcolax and Senokot are the basic OTC options available in this range. 


Stool Softener: 

If you have recently undergone surgery, this option can be the right one, as it helps prevent straining. OTC products like Colace, Surfak, and DulcoEase are available for constipation in this category! 


Get Rid of Acne Issues with These OTC Products  

Are you tired of acne on your skin that does not leave regardless of your tireless efforts?

This issue can be annoying and leaves behind scars. If it seems nearly impossible to get rid of acne with your home remedies, OTC medications can be a saviour! 

There are different OTC products available that can treat this skin condition. Primarily, OTC products work best for mild acne issues. 

In reducing acne, washing your face regularly with the correct product plays a vital role. But consider being gentle as overdoing it may make the condition even worse! Face Washes consisting of salicylic acid are best for cleansing acne-prone skin. But if you have sensitive skin, opt for a gentle foaming face wash for better results. 

Here are some OTC products that are a go-to solution if you are experiencing mild acne issues



This product helps prevent clogged pores and impacts the growth of new skin cells. 


Benzoyl Peroxide:  

You can easily adapt to this product as it is available in different forms like gels and even lotions. It acts on acne issues by killing the bacteria and unclogging the pores. 



OTC products can be a suitable option if you face any of these specific health issues. However, consult an expert if the conditions persist for a long time. 

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